7 Signs You Need a Well Pump Replacement

Well pumps are critical for homes that depend on well water. Therefore, you don’t want to be put in a situation where you aren’t able to get clean water. To prevent this, here are seven key signs that you need a well pump replacement.

1. Decreased Water Pressure

When a well pump cannot pump water effectively, it instantly impacts your water pressure. You’ll notice that the water pressure slowly decreases as time goes on. Contact a professional to determine what the problem is, as they can tell you if you need a replacement!

2. Fluctuating Water Pressure

This typically happens before decreased water pressure, but homeowners may see this before the pump goes out. The water pressure fluctuates because the well pump is struggling to function.

3. Old Age

As with everything, well pumps have a certain lifespan. In our experience, they typically last a maximum of 10 to 15 years. Homeowners that have a well should hire a professional for a thorough inspection of an aging well pump to replace it before it goes out.

4. Continuous Repairs

A well pump that needs more repairs in a shorter period usually needs replacing. According to Kitchen Infinity, over 12 million Americans needed the help of a plumber at least three times in 2022. Opting for a replacement can cut down on how many times you need to hire a professional for repairs!

5. Higher Energy Bills

When the mechanisms of a well pump start to go out, the pump needs more energy to operate. Homeowners will notice a slight increase in their energy bills. This will continue to increase as the pump gets worse; therefore, higher energy bills always warrant an inspection.

6. Air in Faucets

When a pump starts to go out, it can’t function correctly. Instead of the plumbing being full of water, it will have air bubbles because the pump can’t continuously push water through the pipes. This is commonly seen instead of fluctuating water pressure or alongside water pressure problems.

7. Poor Water Quality

A failing well pump can result in more dirt and sediment in the water, often making it appear cloudy or dirty. This is commonly seen when you need a well pump replacement but can also indicate other issues with the well. A professional can thoroughly inspect the well to determine the problem.

Hiring a professional plumber specializing in wells and well pump replacement can ensure your family has clean water. Give our team at Professional Plumbing Solutions a call for more information on the services we provide today!

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