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There are not a lot of things that can ruin your day like a surprise cold shower or a leaking water heater. Let the pros at Professional Plumbing Solutions evaluate your heater and explain the options we have to solve your hot water problems.

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No hot water, not enough hot water, leaking tank, or just time for a new and more efficient water heater? Call Professional Plumbing Solutions! Our expert technicians can get you water heater working again or help you upgrade to a new, better, and more efficient heater to protect your home and your wallet.

Do you know how old your existing water heater is? Is your home and belongings protected if your heater should start leaking today? Did you know that the average life expectancy of a water heater is 8-12 years? Call us now and have us inspect your water heater.

Times and technology have changed when it comes to water heaters. Now there are many options other than the standard tank type water heater. Even the new tank type heaters are better and more efficient than older heaters. Some of these options can even pay for themselves in energy savings such as a hybrid heater which uses a heat pump to heat the water.

What if you do not have the space for the new larger heater? We have options to help you there too. We can make a smaller heater provide the same amount of hot water as a larger sized heater. Maybe tankless is the way to go. There are gas and electric options for tankless heaters.

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We proudly install State Industries Water Heaters that are made in Ashland City, TN.

State 80 gallon hybrid heater


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