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Doesn’t it always seem like the septic acts up when you have company in town for the weekend? We know how much of a headache that can be and we are here to help.

Sewer & Septic

When it comes to most sewer and drain problems, we are the solution. From simple clogs, sewer, effluent, and grinder pumps, broken or damaged pipes, broken tees in the septic tank, and real estate inspections, we can help.

The technicians at PPSI are professionals at diagnosing and resolving your sewer and drain problems. We have many years of experience working on sewage, effluent, and grinder pump systems, underground piping, and control boxes.

Local Septic System Contractors

If you have a clogged sewer or an issue with your septic tank, we have that covered too. As one of the top sewer and septic services Spotsylvania, VA has to offer, we have invested in some of the best equipment to resolve your problems. This equipment includes various sizes of sewer and drain snakes, jetting equipment, and state-of-the-art sewer video inspection equipment. We’re a local, trusted plumbing company with over 30 years of experience in septic and sewer maintenance. Don’t overpay for other septic contractors. Call us today instead and we’ll get your septic system operational in no time!

Sewer and Septic System Repair

We can see what is going on inside your sewer pipe, and with our locating equipment, we can pinpoint where the problem is located in your yard or under the sidewalk or driveway. This is great news for your landscaping because it allows us to avoid any unnecessary damage to your property. Don’t waste resources and money on DIY hacks. It’s best to leave it to the experts. Your pipes are in good hands with the sewer and septic services King George, VA and the surrounding communities rely on here at Professional Plumbing Solutions Inc.

Common Sewer Issues

Clogged Pipes: Over time, pipes can become clogged with debris, such as hair, grease, and food particles, which can cause water to back up into sinks, tubs, and toilets.

Tree Roots: Tree roots can invade and damage sewer pipes, causing blockages and leaks.

Corrosion: Sewer pipes can corrode over time, which can cause leaks and lead to costly repairs.

Sewer Line Collapse: Sewer lines can collapse due to ground movement, age, or damage, leading to costly repairs.

Common Septic Issues

Septic Backup: A septic backup can occur if the system becomes overloaded with waste, which can lead to water backing up into sinks, tubs, and toilets causing potential property damage.

Septic Pipe Clogs: Solid waste and other debris can clog the septic system’s pipes, leading to a backup and potential damage to the system or causing it to lose its operational efficiency.

Septic Tank Leaks: A leak in the septic system can lead to sewage contamination of the surrounding soil and groundwater.

Tank Overflow: A septic tank can overflow if it becomes too full and is not pumped out regularly.

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