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Stop dealing with those slow drains. Call Professional Plumbing Solutions to help.

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Are you tired of standing in water while taking a shower because the drains are slow? Are your sinks or other drains slow? Call us now to get them taken care of.

Most slow drains happen because of 2 reasons. In some cases it is because of old plumbing materials such as galvanized pipe and fittings that chokes down as it gets older, restricting the flow and making it easier for things to stick to the pipes. The other reason is because of what goes down the drains other than water. Soap, hair, grease, oil, make up, food waste and more can all build up over time to create a slow or clogged drain.

We can also help out with clogged sewers and video inspections.

How do you keep the drains from getting clogged in the first place?

Introducing BIO-CLEAN. BIO-CLEAN is a safe and effective enzyme and bacteria that is used to keep the drainage system clean and clear. BIO-CLEAN is safe and even recommended for septic tanks and drain fields. Call us or ask your technician about BIO-CLEAN.

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