How We’re Adapting to COVID-19: 

  1. All deliveries are now required to be dropped off at our warehouse.  
  2. We’re social distancing internally as much as possible (trying to keep technicians out of the office unless they need to come in).  
  3. Technicians are dispatched to jobs from their homes rather than the office.  
  4. Practicing social distancing from clients as much as we can while working. We encourage children to be kept away from our staff while on the job to maintain the highest level of safety.  
  5. Regularly cleaning and sanitizing everything (surfaces, tools, equipment, phones, iPads, etc.) 
  6. Wearing shoe covers while on the job.  
  7. New Mobile Check Capture (our technician will process your check digitally by taking a photo of it) to minimize the risk of spreading germs and touching unnecessary surfaces.  
  8. Implementing alternate ways to authorize estimates and contracts versus signing our iPads.  
  9. Following CDC Guidelines. 
  10. We are constantly monitoring developments in the areas we serve regarding COVID-19 and will adapt our policies and responses as needed.