We have invested in what we think is the best video inspection and locating equipment available. Our color, self leveling Sparvision cameras combined with our Ridgid Seek Tech locating equipment allow us to see more and do more than most others in our area.

Our equipment allows us to clearly see the problem in the sewer line and pinpoint the exact location of the problem to make repairs easier, quicker, and more cost effective versus just digging up the yard to try to find the problem.

Our locating equipment even allow us to locate underground private utilities that Miss Utility does not mark. Miss Utility will only locate and mark the main utilities that belong to the utility companies. They do not locate and mark your sewer, drain field, main water line, or any lines or wires that may go to sheds, pools, light posts or anything that is not the responsibility of the utility company.

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Broken fitting below concrete floor.
Roots and a belly in the sewer

View some of the damaged pipes that we have found.