How Plumbing Has Evolved With Modern Technology

As with all industries, plumbing has greatly benefited in the last few years from evolving technology. In fact, according to Home Sprig, the plumbing industry is a $214 billion market, and it’s growing all the time thanks to new innovations used by plumbers. Let’s look at some ways that plumbing has evolved with technology in the last few years.

Drain Rehab

If there were problems with drains or pipes in the past, a plumber was often obligated to simply remove the pipe and replace it with a new one. This was time-consuming and expensive, not to mention wasteful. Today, with drain rehabilitation technology, many pipes can be saved. Drain and pipe rehab can be used to polish and clean out drains to improve drainage flow as well as increase the lifespan of the pipe or drain.

Pro Press

Another great innovation used by plumbers today is Pro Press technology. This is a system used for joining pipes. This is different from traditional soldering, as it doesn’t require an open flame to join fittings. This creates a much safer and more efficient work environment. This type of joint fitting doesn’t require a work permit either, which helps save homeowners time and money. This process is also much quicker than traditional joint fitting, as Pro Press technology can have joints fitted in seconds.

Video Cameras

The use of plumbing cameras is probably one of the most significant evolutions in plumbing technology. Before cameras could be used for plumbing, there was quite a bit a lot guess work that went into diagnostics. Before you could just assume the drain or pipe was clogged, but you’d have no way of knowing what was clogging it. Today, you can see exactly what is clogging a drain or pipe. This helps you develop a better treatment for the pipe. For instance, if a pipe is clogged because of root growth, you don’t need the same treatment as you would if it were clogged with grease or organic matter.

When plumbers can more accurately diagnose the issue, it’s much easier to treat the problem accurately. This can save both time and money for everyone! If you’re in need of plumbing services, please contact Professional Plumbing Solutions today. We are here for all of your plumbing needs.

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