Interesting Statistics About the Plumbing Industry You Won’t Forget

Plumbing services are critical to maintaining clean and comfortable households. Because there is a constant demand for a pipe, plumbing, and sewer service, you may think that the industry has remained relatively static. However, the statistics point to notable developments in the plumbing industry. We’ve highlighted some of the most interesting statistics about the plumbing industry below!

Female Plumbers Are Becoming More Common

Among the more attention-grabbing changes within the plumbing industry are the ones specifically related to the professionals who populate it. According to OneDesk, 5% to 9% of the plumbing industry plumbers working today are women. That statistic alone may not drive home the significance of that change, so we have to look back at an older figure. According to an article published by The Oklahoman back in 2000, only 1.8% of the plumbers in 1999 were female.

We’ve seen a noticeable change in the plumbing industry demographics over the last 15 years. Whether female plumbers will become even more common moving forward remains to be seen. However, industry trends are certainly pointing in that direction.

Plumbers Are Earning Similar Money to Professional Artists

Discussions about remarkable plumbing industry statistics would be incomplete if we failed to touch on salary figures. Interestingly, plumbers have a median annual wage comparable to professionals. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual wage for plumbers is $60,090. According to Statista, professionals in the arts, design, entertainment, media, and sports have a median yearly wage of $58,030.

It may be surprising to learn that plumbers are making slightly more than the professionals in those fields, but it also makes sense when you think about it. Plumbing and sewer service jobs are highly technical assignments that require dealing with unpleasant environments. The people working those jobs more than deserve substantial wages!

Plumbers Are Relying on Online Marketing

Many businesses and professionals have become increasingly reliant on online marketing. You shouldn’t be surprised to learn that plumbers belong to that group. According to the Better Business Bureau, pricing for the Google Ads keywords “plumbers near me” is around $28 per click. 

Why is that number significant? According to Scorpion, the most expensive keywords for AdWords and Bing Ads are $50 for each click. Therefore, the $28 price point for plumbing keywords indicates substantial competition.

The plumbing industry is evolving, and the statistics are capturing that. You may notice those changes more the next time you request the assistance of a plumbing and sewer service. Make sure to contact our team at Professional Plumbing Solutions the next time you need a professional plumber!

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