Signs You May Have Hard Water

Hard water is often found in rural areas, but it can happen to anyone. This type of water typically contains more magnesium and calcium but may also contain other minerals. The addition of these minerals can slowly wreak havoc on your home. Keep an eye out for these signs you have hard water.

Soap Scum

When hard water mixes with soap, it forms a thicker residue than most people are used to. The soap scum then clings to the bathtub and shower walls. Soap scum is a pain to get off and is often the result of hard water. It may be time to contact a local plumbing company if you notice it.

Dry Hair and Skin

Hard water isn’t just a pain. It can be a catastrophe for your hair and skin. After washing your hair, you’ll notice that it feels scorched. Your hair may feel like straw and your skin will feel dry and itchy after taking a shower if you have hard water. Ensure you’re not uncomfortable by hiring a professional for their plumbing services.

Cloudy Dishes

Do your dishes look like they’re covered in white soap scum? The cloudy appearance is due to the high mineral content. Usually, it won’t hurt you, but it can make your glassware look dirty even if you just washed it. Make your dishes look spotless and shiny with help from our team.

Slow Water Flow

When you turn on the shower or the sink, you may notice a decrease in water pressure. Drains may slowly drain as though they have a minor clog. These things typically happen when minerals build up in your plumbing system. This sign means you should contact a local team to make sure you have softer water all year long.

Hard water can make it seem impossible to keep certain areas of the house clean. It can slowly destroy your plumbing and healthy hair at the same time. According to Angi, you should have your plumbing inspected once yearly. This annual inspection can tell you if you have hard water. If you have hard water, then don’t stress. Contact us, and we can help you find a solution. You’ll feel peace of mind when you choose to hire our crew.

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