What Makes Plumbing So Important?

Now that the new year is in full swing, it’s time to schedule any maintenance for your home, such as plumbing updates. Scheduling regular sewer and septic service is essential to a healthy and safe home. After all, without functioning plumbing, you wouldn’t have water coming in and out of your home. Here are reasons why plumbing is so important.

Leak Detection

According to Kitchen Infinity, in 2022, over 12 million American homeowners called a plumber over three times. Many calls to plumbers are often due to leak issues. The most common problem that plumbers have to fix involves leaks from cracked pipes or old faucets. If a small crack in a pipe isn’t handled quickly, it can evolve into a worse problem, such as a busted pipe that can turn into a flood. Leaks can cause a great deal of damage in any home. After all, water damage itself can destroy materials such as wooden floors and drywall. When that moisture further sets in, it could eventually turn into mold, which can affect your family’s health.

Water Conservation

According to the EPA, a standard American toilet can waste over five gallons of water in one flush alone. However, a professional plumber can upgrade you to a dual-flush toilet, so a flush would only waste about one gallon. This can lower your water bill and greatly reduce your water use.

Septic Maintenance

Thanks to your sewer and septic service, your waste can properly leave your drains and toilets so your home remains sanitary. If your home relies on a septic tank, as almost 25% of American homes do, you must keep the tank functioning. According to Bob Villa, you should have septic pumping done at least every three to five years. If you ever have a clogged drain, don’t attempt to use chemical solutions, as they can cause more damage to pipes and the septic tank. When you call a plumber, they have tools and techniques that can handle those clogs immediately and efficiently. Plus, when you let them unclog your pipes and drains, you won’t run a risk of putting harmful chemicals into your septic tank that may seep into the soil.

These are just a few reasons why plumbing is essential to your home or business. Without it, you wouldn’t have a regular supply of fresh water coming into your home or wastewater properly leaving. For a company that’s been around for a couple of decades, call Professional Plumbing Solutions Inc. for our plumbing, water heater, sewer, and septic service today.

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